In the gambling industry it happens again and again that large gambling groups are accused of fraud. Often it is money laundering or a lack of player protection. The company Casinos Austria currently has to deal with completely different allegations.

The accusation of a manipulated payout ratio

The association complains that the Casinos Austria casinos pay out different amounts of winnings. In theory, this would be normal. However, the association made a connection between different days. So it would be that on the first days of a month a lower total profit is paid out than is the case at the end of a month. In addition, a higher amount of winnings should be paid out on days with fewer visitors. The association sees this as the attempt at fraud. The Casinos Austria Group is therefore accused of changing the payout quota on certain days.

If this is really the case, the club accuses the group of motivating the players to bet higher. Likewise, the problem would be to see several players coming at the beginning of a month as they are using their recently received salary.

If the payout percentage were reduced on these days, the consequence would be that the stakes would increase and the players would lose more money. According to the club, this is due to the fact that the players only end the game when they win . At the end of the month, however, when fewer bets are made, the players will find a higher payout ratio. So the allegation of the association

The association also bases the allegation on a statement by a manager, who is not named by name. In fact, according to him, it would work in such a way that the casinos would attract new customers more quickly. Because of this feeling of happiness, customers would come more often. Once a customer becomes a regular customer, profits would be lower. However, since the allegation relates to the slot machines, this explanation cannot be understood.

Casinos Austria operates within the legal framework

Casinos Austria defends itself against the allegations, since every game manufacturer and slot machine operator has a certain degree of flexibility. According to the law, they can decide for themselves how high the payout rate will be. It is only important that the odds are noted on the slot machines. The limit within which the quota can be is: 85 to 95 percent. However, the law requires that the quota is registered with the competent state authority. Subsequent changes must also be registered.

Casinos Austria confirms that the limit prescribed by law is observed and that everything is therefore legal. In addition, it is a semi-public company that is also monitored by the Federal Ministry of Finance. For the club this fact does not seem to be particularly interesting. At least they don’t take them as proof that everything is legal at Casinos Austria.

In order to confirm their own allegations, the association has published statistics that prove that the profit distributions are extremely uneven. According to this statistic, all Casinos Austria casinos pay out either higher or lower amounts on the same days. The association therefore assumes that all the machines would be connected to one another. However, this seems very illogical.

Payout ratio in online casinos

Every online casino notes how high the payout ratio is for every slot . This is for player protection. This is the only way for a player to consciously decide for or against a slot. It would also be possible to choose another online gaming provider if it offers a higher rate. There are providers who offer a quota of up to 98 percent – sometimes even higher.

But would it be possible for an online casino to consciously manipulate the slots ? A slot machine is a game of chance that is controlled by chance. This guarantees that a slot cannot be influenced by either the provider or the player. A player must absolutely pay attention to randomly generated slot machines before registering at a casino. This is the only way to ensure player protection.

With regard to the payout ratio, it becomes clear why many players turn to an online casino instead of a local casino. In an online casino, the payout percentages are always higher. This is because these providers have lower costs and do not have to own or lease any real estate. Therefore, the odds can be higher, although this reduces the profit. This fact could change this year, at least for Germany. As soon as the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force, the state will charge a gambling tax. After this is at the expense of the providers, they will be forced to reduce the payout ratio.

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